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Beach Vacation for Couples

Have plan for honeymoon or maybe finding the best beach vacation for couples, just you and your mate? For every couple in the world, spending the time together will always be the most moment you all are waiting for. One of the ways to spend the romantic date for two is by going to the beach.

vacation at the beaches for coupleFor all the beaches we can find in all part of the world, which beaches are best for the couples? Here are the list of recommended beaches that are best for couples taken from yahoo.com, which are :

1. Natadola Beach, Fiji

Fiji is a place where you can find a beach scene named Natadola that is so magical and exotic. What a perfect place to share your love with your partner. This beach is actually part of a Fiji island that offers you the beauty of natural landscape and the best food of all the area. By spending your holiday here, you will get one package of a long life of sweet love memories.

2. Negril Beach, Jamaica

Among all countries in the world, Jamaica may be one of the countries that has best beach destination for couples. Particularly at its beach named Negril is where you can find all the love magic. Another complete package of couples’ holiday, the place where you can get adventures, pleasures, joys as well as the stunning view of its sea.

3. Fernando de Norohna Beach, Brazil

Fernando de Norohna beach is one of famous beach destination in this country, Brazil. It opens every day especially for couples to spend their holiday with all romantic things offered in this beach. Walking along the sea shores or other fun activities for two are such a magical moment to be spent together.

4. Horshoe Bay, Bermuda

Horshoe Bay is the place where you can see a wild life that is full of splendid scenery of nature. One great thing about this bay is that everything is still natural, not even a single touch of technology you can find there. The bay that has white sand and shallow water is the perfect holiday for couples to get closer to the nature.

5. Tulum Beach, Cancun, Mexico

Tulum Beach is also one of the perfect places to go with your partner. The beautiful beach with its green color water offers you not only the beach but also its historical sites that can satisfy the history lovers. It is also the perfect place for honeymoon. Another great thing about this beach, it is cheaper compare to the other beaches I mention earlier.