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a Unique Choice for Your Family Vacation: Edinburgh, Scotland

Travel to Edinburgh, Scotland, is like seeing a beautiful face from a beautiful lady. It is very clean and treated so well. The great middle age buildings are spread in all over the place. Walking around and visiting some sites here might be a fantastic choice for your holiday. Edinburgh is really a unique choice for your family vacation. Then, what are you waiting for? Let’s pack a bag and fly!

Before you start to explore this city, let me tell you one thing, it is so useless if you try to memorize the name of streets here. Why? It is because in every 5 minutes of walk, the streets change. As you can imagine, hundreds of streets are possibly existed in only one small area. Therefore, focus yourself to only what tourism sites you want to visit.

take a walk in Edinburgh

take a walk in Edinburgh

Having vacation in Edinburgh, the best way to enjoy every single moment here is by walking. It is because, the city is so beautiful, no wonder, it is gifted as UNESCO world heritage in 1995. Besides, the attraction sites are close to one another, so, by walking might give you a chance to witness every detail scene of the city clearer than by car.

The first place should be visit is the Royal Mile, the landmark inside a city. Just exactly like its name, this place is one mile only. But in this one mile, everything is the whole package. It is also quite easy to find any restaurants, Cafes, or souvenir shops. No wonder if this site is a very busy site, as it is one of tourists’ favorite spots whenever they come to Edinburgh.

Among all buildings which represent the Edinburgh middle age of pointed and cone roof, there is one building that drew my attention named Scottish Parliament. This building is just like from outer space, it is so modern and edgy, way different from others. Well, the fact is this building was actually so controversial at the very first of making it, but nowadays time, it becomes the Edinburgh pride as it won the Stirling Prize of the 2004 most prestigious building in Edinburgh.

The next place is the Elephant House Café. Nothing really that special if you see from the outside, the interesting point about this orange café is why it is full queue of buyers. In this place, you will found small writing at the front said “Birthplace of Harry Potter”. So, apparently, this café was the place where J.K Rowling, the writer of Harry Potter bestseller novel, drank a cup of coffee and being inspired for the first time to make the Harry Potter Novel.

Besides, Edinburgh is blessed with some museums and magnificent old cathedrals, like the St. Giles’ Cathedral or High Kirk of St. Giles that apparently was my last place. Even though, it is not functioned anymore, this vintage church still opens for public and one of the great spots for taking a picture for the tourists.