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top destination amsterdam

The Great Rijksmuseum

Amsterdam is the capital city of The Netherlands. It is very popular city since there are many historical buildings surrounding. The combination of 17th century and modern atmosphere energize all around. Many visitors enthuse by the unique buildings architecture and environment. If you plan to have a trip to Holland, you should not forget to visit Amsterdam. The following are some places that are recommended to be added in your list.

Express your creativity, skill, and imagination in Amsterdam. Most worlds’ class artists are originated from here. Thus, no wonder that make this is very popular as the city of art. Van Gogh and Rembrandt inspire many people to bring Amsterdam into the land of art. You are able to see it from their buildings and architectures. There are many decorated hotels in Amsterdam but one place that has the uncommon ornament to stay is the Hotel Droog or Exchange Hotel.

Hotel Droog building shows graceful stylish with only a private bedroom to be presented. This is 700 square meters building which has been established since 17th century. The hotel is divided into three main areas, ground, first, and second floor. This hotel has two bathrooms but it only has one bedroom, which is placed in the second floor. More of it, some areas here will stimulate your fresh mind in the first and ground floor. In the ground floor, you are able to experience Fairy Tale Garden, products and art displays. In addition, there are cafes and fashion and beauty corner at the first floor of this hotel.

Hotel Droog

Hotel Droog: a hotel with only one room in Amsterdam

The Exchange Hotel is located not far from the red-light district. The room color is full of white paint with some ropes twisting together around the wall. You may get surprise by the eerie mannequins that are placed in the rooms. The combination of the rooms and their mannequins give haunted dress room look.

Red-light district

Amsterdam is also very famous by its red-light district, which is the number one legal prostitution area in the world. It is named as red-light district since all the buildings has red-light windows. The visitors are able to choose one of woman who displays behind the windows.

Travel along the canal.

Amsterdam has wonderful canal where you are able to go around the city while enjoying the beauty of the place with their tulips flower. Singel, Prinsengracht, Keizersgracht, and Herengracht are four important canals to be sailed. One of the cruises namely Viking River Cruises have broke the record by launching 10 new cruises liners.

Zaanse Schans

Zaanse Schans is one of the best place where you can see many of them along the canal.

The Great Rijksmuseum

It was built in 1800 by skillful artistes and engineers such as Johannes Vermeer, Rembrandt, and Frans Hals. The museum has more than 7000 objects of art. The upper interior has 50,000 painted stars and 80 features rooms. It can be a place to learn while traveling through Amsterdam city.

Airport Park

Amsterdam surely has the architectural concept. It can be seen from their airport building structure. They offer the natural environment inside the crowded place. Airport Park brings comfortable and relaxing time for the passengers while waiting for their flight time.

airport park amsterdam

Park at Airport, Amsterdam

Amsterdam Tattoo Museum

If you are travelers who are also tattoo lovers, Amsterdam Tattoo Museum must be put in your priority traveling list.The museum is basically located in two luxury houses, particularly in Plantage Middenlaan 62. In this location, the visitors will be able to find out all the things about tattoo arts. (Click Here to detail about this museum)

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