This Year’s Biggest Music Festival, Hellfest 2013!


If you have a plan to go for a trip with your friends and want something different, why don’t you try to go to a music festival? One of the biggest music festivals for rock music fans that will take place in the near time is Hellfest 2013 in France. You don’t need to go anywhere else because you can enjoy the performances of many famous bands from all over the world in this festival. You can watch outstanding bands like Guns and Roses, Dream Theater, Megadeth, or Marilyn Manson at one place.

Hellfest is an extreme music festival, held annually in Clisson, western France around the third weekend of June. It presents many heavy metal, hard rock, alternative rock, punk, and hardcore bands for all over the world. This festival has been held since 2006 until now, succeeding the former music festival Fury Fest that was held in 2002 until 2005. Because there are some financial problems, Fury Fest was discontinued and changed into Hellfest.

Hellfest2013 will take place in June 21, 22 and 23. There will be around 160 bands with six different stages in this open-air festival. There are two main stages that will present top bands like Def Leppard, Kiss, Volbeat, ZZ Top, and White snake in Main Stage 1 while Korn, Bullet For My Valentine, Kreator, Stonesour and Helloween in Main Stage 2. The other stages called The Altar will feature best performances from death metal and grind core bands. They are like Six Feet Under, Morbid Angel, and Napalm Death. The Temple stage will present pagan and black metal bands such as God Seed, Immortal, and Cradle of Filth; The Valley stage will offer you metal alternative bands like Neurosis, Manila Road, and Swan; as well as The Warzone stage that will play punk and hardcore bands such as Sick of It All, Bad Religion, and The Toy Dolls.

hellfest france

women and men with the same hobby, rock!!!

For the tickets, you can check out the Hellfest’s official website www.hellfest.fror to book the tickets online. You can buy a three-day pass for €160.00 and a one-day pass (for Friday, Saturday or Sunday) for €75, 00. The price includes the camping and booking fee. There also early-bird tickets but you have to be quick since the ticket shared limited. If you have your ticket, you will be given a bracelet for your access to enter the camp site and the concert arena. You can build a tent and bring your own food and drink. But you can also find food and drink counters in the Metal Corner at the entrance of the festival if you don’t bring your own supplies. However, you will be not allowed to bring your own drink to the concert arena because there is an official Hellfest cup that you can buy and bring into the arena.


photo credit : metalpaths

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