Texas Christmas Vacation

texas christmas vacation

Christmas holiday is just couple days from now. You can see there are so many Christmas stuff here and there. Many people even have lots of plan to celebrate it. There are some people who prefer to do the traditional which is staying home and doing the old activities of Christmas. But, can you imagine keep staying in the same place and reminding you with your hectic and stressful life? Then, why don’t you try to be more modern this time by having a Christmas vacation somewhere out of town? Beside it can refresh your brain, a chance to get out from the place you used to see every day, can re-build the positive energy in you so that you will be back in more fresh and positive mind.

Still struggling to find the best place for this Christmas holiday? Try Texas! This city offers you everything you can imagine about the “White Christmas” like the snow, the yummy foods, and lots of fun. Here are some places that can be your choices to celebrate your Christmas days.

1. San Antonio

Among so many interesting places in Texas, perhaps this city is somehow I can say one of the best vacation places for kids. Why is that so? It is because in this place you can find some interesting sites which are so suitable with your kids. Not only they give lots of fun but those sites also give lots of education for your kids. Let me mention the Sea World and San Antonio Zoo. There, your kids will learn so many things about the wildlife, as well as about the significance to keep and preserve your environment, especially how to save the endangered species to keep alive. There are also some historical sites like the Alamo, and the San Antonio Children’s Museum. Want to have some more fun after do the learning activities, and then you can jump to the Texas amusement park named the Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Not only those things, do not forget to take some rests a while in some restaurants and gift shops along the San Antonio Riverwalk as you enjoy the beautiful landmark presented by the San Antonio River.

2. Austin

Christmas holiday to Texas will never be completed if not stopping by to the city of Austin. Especially in this Christmas time, many travelers would gladly stop by to enjoy the giant Christmas tree that is full of light. And there are also several festivals held each year to welcome the Christmas time. The great thing about Austin is its strong root and cultures. How local people manage to preserve their tradition is so wonderful to see. Do not forget to take a walk in some of their traditional markets, enjoy some of live art street performance, and buy one or two local handicrafts. Last but not least, there is also an ice skating area that can be your quality time with your kids.

3. Galveston Island

As you can read on its name, Galveston is apparently a name of an island in Texas. Still under the government of the Texas state, this island is located at the northern part of Texas coast, a couple miles from Houston. There, you can find many beach attractions. And this place becomes more and more special when the Christmas time comes. There is a famous festival called the “Festival of Lights”. In this festival, there will be a thousand lights as well as the Christmas tree and the replica of Santa everywhere. Everything seems to be set just like a perfect Christmas. The music, gift shops, ice skating and some other activities that take Christmas holiday themes which can be enjoy all night long.

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