San Antonio : The Best Vacation Spots in Texas

San Antonio

San Antonio also has big shoes

There are many best vacation spots in Texas. Republic of Texas is a country located between United States and Mexico. According to the history, at the beginning, Texas is a part of Mexico but after Revolution of Texas, it had been separated as the independent republic. Nevertheless, in 1800’s Texas belonged to America as the state. Texas is the second largest state of the US. It is behind Alaska, with an area of 268,820 square miles. It is ten percent larger than France is, and almost twice as large as Germany or Japan. If Texas were a country, it can be a country that larger than Chile. Texas geographic condition is various as it has ten climates area, fourteen grounds, and eleven different ecological situations. Generally, Texas has prairie and steppes in the west area, forests, and thousands river in other areas. From the background of Texas, it has so many vacations spot that will be very interesting to be visited.

A city that belongs to the best vacations spot in Texas is San Antonio. San Antonio is the largest city in the Texas the population is crowded there and this is the city for historical tourism. There is Alamo. Alamo is the most popular mission city as in 1836, there was a historical port there that was functioned as The Texans’ to keep surviving when they were against the troops from Santa Ana Mexico. Alamo becomes the city of sacrifice and bravery. Another historical place is San Jose. Being in this place can drag your imagination to go to 1720 where the Mariachi Missions are prisoner here.

The most attractive spot in San Antonio is the River Walk. This is the romantic spot for the visitors because there are so many attractions, restaurants, and hotels in there. If you want to stay near the River Walk, you may stay at the most popular hotel there, Valencia Hotel. The most excellent restaurant, which deserves to be tried, is Tex-Mex Restaurant. You may feel “cowboy atmosphere” by eating Mexican-American menus here.


Full Color Umbrella on River Walk

If you are going to have vacation with your children, San Antonio Zoo can be the right vacation spot. There are more than three thousand animals from Amazon and Africa is collected. Besides, you may also go to Hixson Bird House to see so many birds fly freely.

If love adventure, you may choose “Adventure Package” to lead you having adventure in the nature of San Antonio. You will be invited to come to the caves and equipped by ropes and light in front of your helmet or you can visit Natural Bridge Caverns. It is the biggest bridge in San Antonio. There is also Guinness World Record Museum where the master pieces of the art masters are saved there. Those are the best vacation spots in Texas that maybe your reference.

Natural Bridge Cavern San Antonio

Welcome board Natural Bridge Caverns

Natural Bridge Cavern

Inside the Natural Bridge Cavern

And also don’t forget to visit Sea World San Antonio. This is one of the most exciting destinations to spend your holiday in San Antonio. It first opened on Memorial Day weekend in 1988 and has many attractions. You can enjoy Sesame Street Bay of Play that features Elmo, Big Bird and all their friends, waterpark called Aquatica as well as roller coasters and thrill rides.

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