Raffles Hotel Singapore: A Slight Review

Raffles Hotel Singapore

A beautiful hotel with an atmosphere of tranquility and calm.

Once you pack your bag to Singapore, and still haven’t found a place to stay. Well, why not trying the taste of a historical hotel called the Raffles Hotel of Singapore. This hotel known by its nickname “The Grand Lady of the Far East”, is so famous for its luxurious and historical background. There is a tradition, which later on, and still be used today, becomes the beginning of the party tradition, the cocktail party.

Historically, this hotel was established in 1887, and it is still there up to now, meaning that this Raffles hotel is one of the oldest hotel ever been built in Singapore. The Sarkies, Armenian brothers, were the founder of this hotel. For these years, this hotel has been expanded, from small ten room hotel, into the neo-Renaissance building, which we can enjoy it today. The name used is Raffles, due to the famous British statement, who founded Singapore, Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles.

Raffles Hotel Singapore Pics

All staff had professional, courteous and warm attitude toward guests and non guests as well.

Raffles Hotel Pictures

Raffles Hotel Lobby

This hotel is named after him just because of many great things he had done. He did conquered most areas in the Southeast Asia, including conquering Java from the Dutch. Also, what he did to the country he conquered was not to make it bad, but some positive contributions he made, were successfully applied as the major improvement in those countries. Based on the history of Java book, he did the rediscovered and restored one of the greatest treasure, Borobudur Temple. His name was also used as the name of the largest flowering plant, the corpse flower, or Rafflesia Arnoldi.

Raffles Hotel Pics

“Memorable experience in old charming hotel”

Reffles Hotel Photos

The hotel was a little haven of colonial history

presidential suites Raffles Hotel

Presidential Suites Room ; Luxury and Cosy

Another thing you should try in this hotel is the famous Singapore Sling. The Singapore Sling is the cocktail drink made from gin, cheery brandy, and orange, with pineapple and lime juice, which also becomes the pioneer of cocktail drink in the world. Since the 20th century, this drink has been famous as one of “to-do” list for every tourist that comes to Singapore. You should take a chance to look to its billiard table in the Bar and Billiard room, actually all the things are the same as the common billiard table you find in other billiard places, what makes it different is the historical background behind it. It is said that in the early of 1900s, there was a tiger shot under one of the billiard table. Thus, up until now, the billiard table in this hotel is also called as the billiard tiger table.

image of raffles hotel

“Exceptional, Brilliant and Iconic”

imageof raffles hotel singapore

The long bar is a must visited in this hotel

Up to nowadays time, many famous guests have come and stayed here, like such as Joseph Conrad, Ernest Hemingway, Charlie Chaplin, and Noël Coward. Not only you can enjoy the room and its services, you can also visit its Raffles hotel museum to see some valuable moments and things during these more than hundred years of the hotel’s history.

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