Newborn Travel by Airplane – Is it Safe?

NewBorn Baby Travel by Airplane

Traveling by air might be a majority choice for many people, not for the faster reason, but for all the better and higher class of facilities offered. But, in fact, it does not always go that way around, though. There are some rules or I might say, some circumstances, where flying by plane cannot be the best solution at all. It is when you have a lovely new born baby with you. When it comes to travel with newly born baby, the different matter is so far in range, to be compared with solo traveling, or to travel with children or adults. There are many things must be taken when you decide to bring your newly born flight.

First, we have to understand clearly, what has been stated at every flight’s policy we choose to fly. Majority of the flights worldwide set the policy for minimum age of flying is seven days old, unless, there is an emergency case going on (with a legal permission, indeed). And if your infant fulfills the age minimum policy, then you have to consider these following stuffs.

Health is what concern the most by the time, someone fly with his or her newly born baby. For baby with those ranges of ages, everything inside are still developing, the organs, the brain, and more importantly the immune system. Inside the cabin of a flight, it contains so much germs that we couldn’t see. For adults, or anyone older, our immune system, we may call it, has been matured, therefore, germs or any bad stuffs give us minor influences. But for baby, if I may give you a rough picture, for someone who catches a cold in the first row of seat, the flu virus can infect very easily to your newly born baby, even if you and the cold passenger are separated for eighty rows behind.

Why is it possible? It is because the air inside the cabin is not fresh air, but circulation air, not just it will fly all the germs and virus in a circle over and over again, it also makes the surrounding covers lack of oxygen supply. For adults, again, it does not give much bad influence, but for baby, it is a totally different matter. For the safety of your baby, it is better to check to the doctor in advance, to make sure, it is okay to fly your baby. More importantly, if your baby suffers even a bit of respiratory problem, I strongly ask you to reschedule your flight.

Another condition you have to take a consideration is ear pain suffering. Even us, as an adult, under certain case, especially during the takeoff or landing, we sometimes feel a little bit discomfort in our ear. This is because; the change of pressure during the flight does cause the pressure on ears. And for babies, especially the newly born one cannot help from not suffering the pain by themselves. Thus, it is the mom’s job to relieve the pain, by feeding them. You can have it breastfed, or using a bottle that have been filled with your breast milk, or else, you can have them to suck on a pacifier.

Finally yet importantly is to make a contact with the flight you choose, to understand the policy, and to make them know that you have a baby with you. By having more conversation with the airline employee, you can have a possibly chance to ask for some privileges during the flight, like for instance, if the flight is not full, perhaps you can get a seat alongside an empty seat, so, it can give you more privacy and comfort feeling in taking care your baby.

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