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Holiday Inn Surfers Paradise is one of many hotels there that is worth to stay in. Located at the heart of the city, 22 View Avenue, Surfers Paradise, Australia, this hotel offers you the competitive amenities for you to spend your holiday. This hotel is surrounded by the places, which sell your daily necessary such as shops, malls, nightlife spots, cafes, restaurants, attractions, and surely the beach view. You can stay here and have all the privileges by at least $110 for the standard room.

The recommended tip for you to have your most comfortable is by staying on the highest floor that you could possibly have. Up there, you will see the magnificent view. At Holiday Inn Surfers Paradise, Ocean view rooms on the northern side are quieter, and have better views of the ocean. Besides, choose the higher floor for your room is to avoid the noise of the people from the street heading to Cavill Avenue each night.

After ask the room to stay, you will be leaded by a very kindly room boy directly to the room. The room in Holiday Inn surfers Paradise is averagely spacious and clean. Most of the rooms here actually have the ocean view of Gold Coast and city view, but mostly visitors suggested choosing the higher room but you have to pay extra for it. One way to add the maximum way to enjoy the view is from the balcony. In this hotel, Level 5 has bigger balconies to have a bit of relaxation. Levels high up (around 18) had a very small balcony.

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One thing that makes this hotel a little bit different from the other is its pillow menus. You can choose what kind of pillow to lullaby yourself and to get your best sleep quality. Great and comfortable bed, the best pillow, and quietness are the heavenly combinations to get a real relaxation. However, all of your peacefulness can be messed up buy a one ‘ding’. Yes, another tip for you is to ask for a room away from the elevators as the ‘ding’ noise is quite loud and it dings almost all the time.

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One good thing from this hotel is you will always get breakfast accommodation, on which the menus are quite tasty. This hotel also has a restaurant, great swimming pool, and spa. Holiday Inn Surfers Paradise is recommended to be stayed with your mate. Yet, some visitors feel a little bit disappointed when they stayed here with their children. The room was okay but it did not have window from the main room to the bathroom, thus, the parents found difficulties to keep an eye towards their kids. The hotel’s parking lot is actually okay, but it is a bit inconvenience if you bring too many luggages. Parking fee will be charged on car per night. Besides, the car park had no lights at night and there was rubbish all over car park.

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