Discovering Best Vacation Spots in New Hampshire


Autumn in New Hampshire

Holiday is always be the best time to find some sites to hang out with. From all the cities in the world, let us look a city named New Hampshire. This state is located in New England in the northeastern United States of America. You can find many kinds of recreational attractions here, from mountains, lakes, forests, to beaches. If you like to feel some adventures it is one of the best places to visit. There are a lot of outdoor activities and sports that can heat your adrenaline up. So, here are the vacation spots in New Hampshire :

1. Mount Washington

For you who love mountains you can visit Mount Washington, the highest peak of northeastern America. It is located in Sargent’s Purchase, Coos County. The most popular activity is Auto-Road; you can drive to top of the mountain that has 6,288 foot or 1,917 meters tall. Mount Washington state park gives you a beautiful view of mountain slopes and forest. It is also completed with a cafeteria, gift shops, and restrooms. And if you want to learn more about this place, you can visit the museum and observatory. You can go to this vacation spot by car or train. There are some nearby hotels, inns, or resorts; you can stay in, for example Omni Hotel and Resort that has 200 rooms and suites.

Mount Washington

Skiing in Mount Washington

2. Lake Winnipesaukee

Next is one of the largest lakes in America, which is Lake Winnipesaukee. It is located in the central of New Hampshire. Here you can do many water sports and in the winter, you can go skiing, or even ice-fishing. You can visit this vacation spot by car and train. But there are also some local airports for you, who want to go by your private or charter aircraft. If you want to search some places to stay, there are many inns, hotels, motels and resorts; you can choose, one of them is Wolfeboro Inn that provides 44 rooms and suites.

Lake Winnipesaukee

Enjoy beside the Lake Winnipesaukee

3. Hampton Beach

The last but not least is Hampton Beach. It is located on the Atlantic Ocean, in the town of Hampton, Rockingham County. This beach is a beach for everyone; you can enjoy this place with your family or friends. There are free concerts at night and beautiful weekly fireworks. This beach also has annual events like volleyball tournament and children’s festival. You can go to this tourist destination by car, train, or airplane. There are some seasonal hotels, motels, and inns around the spot; for instance, Aegean Motel and Ashworth Hotel that are just across the beach. You can search more on their websites or your tour and travel agent.

Hampton Beach

Welcome to Hampton Beach

Those are some best vacation spots, you can find in New Hampshire. You can be fascinated by its nature and views of mountains, lakes, beaches, and forests. If you are adventurers and love outdoor activities, this is just the best place to visit and enjoy with your family and friends.

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