Air Travel vs Train Travel – What is the Best for You?

air travel vs train travel

Air Travel vs Train Travel? What you choose? When it comes to traveling, there are some important stuff needs to be taken care off in advances. Some of these are part of traveling plan we should finish handling it before we actually do the traveling. And one of among those is the transportation we should take. In many different destinations, there presented many different ways of transportation. For example, we have the air traveling and also, the train traveling. Those two are more likely the two favorite choices, travelers ever make.

Talking about the travel by air vs. by train would slightly cover several aspects. Each of the aspects may affect the benefits or less benefit of both transportation. And also, those can be taken as your considerations as well. Let’s get down to business, then:

1. Time taking

For this first point, I bet you’ve already in the same track as mine, that under any circumstances, travel by plane is always the fastest one. But, it can be concluded that train is a slow transportation as well. Even travel by train might take slower time than by plane; it still walks many times faster than the other land transportations. One of the reasons is indeed, the railway track that will not make it stuck in a long traffic jam. Besides, now in time, like in Europe, up to Asia, there made a highly speed of train that can travel at 150 to 200 miles per hour. So, depending on your need, in conclusion to this point, both of transportations have the same efficiency and time.

2. Price

The same as this second point, in general, travel by plane takes more cost than by train. But, it also depends on the season at that time. With more of researches, finding the cheap airline ticket will not be an impossible thing to do nowadays. And, even most travel by train offer cheaper fare. But in some areas, due to its sophisticated facility and speed, the price of the ticket could have the same amount as airline ticket.

3. Distance

For this, it is obvious, travel by plane have more point than by train. Plane could cover a very long distance in much quicker time. For instance, to travel to Chicago from DC will take only 2 hours by plane, while by train, it costs much longer time, which is 17 ½ hours. So, travel by air is more likely for those who only have short time for vacation.

4. Space and Comfort

For this point, surely, travel by train possesses its plus point in compared to travel by plane. Inside a train, especially in modern train in some of big countries, you will have more space for leg, more freedom to walk around, and even, in some trains, there provided dining or café car for long distance destination. Besides, by having the train, you will have more view looking rather than by plane, which the most things you see are only the sky and clouds.

5. Destinations

This is what the advantage of having a plane rather than train, because plane can access even in the remote area that is separated by ocean. While train is mostly available in countries that have long land track, like in Europe or Asia. And finally yet importantly, is the policy applied. Travel by train gives you looser security and policy. But by plane, your things will be examined thoroughly. Such things like liquid stuffs, foods, and drinks are under certain strict rules by the time you decide to travel by plane instead of travel by train.

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