5 Top Destination in Philippines


Boracay – most favorite destination in Philippines


When we talk about trip to the South East Asia, people will refer itself to some popular spots, like sites in Singapore, Malaysia, or Indonesia only. Rarely of travelers will think to put Philippines as their first choice. In fact, similarly to most countries in the South East Asia, Philippines are also blessed with so many small islands, as well as an area alongside the beaches. If you seek for a different experience of the South East sense, then this beautiful country can be put in your next vacation agenda.

Like any other places with its tourism sites, Philippines also has several best sites as a must site to visit, most of them are islands. So take a look here are top destination in Philippines :

1. Boracay Island

Almost all beaches in Philippines are unspoiled by human, meaning; they are still clear, clean, and indeed, beautiful. One of them is this Boracay Beach. Try to search in the internet to find some images of this beach, and then you can see how much truth I have said to you. Clear water, white sand, and beautiful scenery are things guaranteed to see once you step your feet there. Beside the beach you can fully enjoy, there are also some lively bar and great restaurants nearby.

2. El Nido Palawan

Similar to the first place, this site is also one of the famous beaches in Philippines. Located in Palawan, the beach that is famous for its fun water activity, such as snorkeling and diving, is perhaps one of the cleanest and greenest Philippines has ever had. If you have bunch of times, you can try to visit one of the smaller islands there, called the island of Cudugnon Cave, and Pinagbuyutan. All in all, for beach lovers, this site will fit you perfectly.

El Nido Palawan

El Nido Palawan

3. Bantayan Island

Still, another beach here that becomes locals’ favorites is the Bantayan Island. As it is an island, obviously, you can see a beautiful ocean nearby, and wait for seconds, not just that, the white sand, and bright sunny day, will be those that welcome you there.

Bantayan Island

Sugar Beach – Bantayan Island

4. Palaui Island

Another perfect place to spend in your holiday is this Palaui Island, Philippines. It is not just refreshing but good for your health as well. It is because the landscape are still green and natural, which indeed, rarely be seen in the polluted sophisticated city. However, not like any other beaches, there is no hotels here, meaning; you have to prepare yourself to touch nature closely, which is camping.

Palaui Island

Palaui Island – Untouched Island at Philippines

5. Caramoan Island

Finally yet importantly is this island. Why must be this island? Because it is just a paradise, the light blue and green ocean has become people’s favorite diving place in a whole country. if you want to know more about the island, watch the show called “Survivor”, as this is the place to be set as its shooting place at that time.

caramoan Island

A Tropical Paradise of Philippines

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