5 Great Reasons to go to Egypt

Sphinx Egypt

If you are planning a journey all over the world, we strongly recommend that you put Egypt on the top of your destination list. Located between Asia and Africa, this Arab country doesn’t only offer the famous Pyramids, the Sphinx and its mummies but also some great tourist attractions that you should not miss. These are five great reasons to go to Egypt which may assure you.

1. History

The first reason for people to go to Egypt is to explore its famous history. The Great Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx and the mummies preserved in the Egyptian Museum are among the first spots that everyone will visit after they reach Egypt. Those three places are indeed a great start for you if you want to learn the glorious history and the early civilization of this Pharaoh’s country. However, you should not end your trip there as Egypt still has many historical places that you need to visit, too. They are Abu Simbel or the Nubian Monuments (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), the open air museum of Karnak and Valley of the Kings.

2. Natural Beauty

After its history, the next thing that you have to see in Egypt is its natural beauty. If you imagine Egypt as a country made of desert, you are wrong. It also has some of the greenest places on earth such as the plush banks of the River Nile. You can also see more of its scenic views at Mount Sinai or the Mediterranean coasts.

3. The Warmth

The next reason for you to go to Egypt is the warmth. This time we are not only talking about the climate of Egypt. Indeed, Egypt is one of the many places on earth that is blessed with so much sunlight. Yet, the sun is not the only thing that gives you warm feeling in Egypt. The friendly nature of the Egyptians will also make you feel comfortable and warm. Friendly as they are, you will probably meet one of two souvenir sellers in Egypt that overcharge you. It is wise to ask your tour guide before you decide to buy anything.

4. The Adventures

Egypt is also the paradise for real adventurers. Here, you can have some great adventures that you won’t forget. The first adventure Egypt offers to all of its visitors is to travel across its mystic desert and conquer the heat, dry desert and sometimes unfriendly weather. You can also head to the Red Sea or the Mediterranean coasts to have some nice snorkeling and scuba diving adventures. Other challenging activities that you can have in Egypt are cruising down the Nile and desert trekking on a camel or 4WD.

5. Great Accommodation

The last reason for you to come to Egypt is its luxurious accommodation. In other words, you should not be afraid that traveling to a vast desert will mean that you have to stay overnight in a tent. The famous Ritz Carlton hotel, the Hurghada Intercontinental hotel and some other luxurious hotels are available to make sure that your visit in Egypt is comfortable.

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